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Car sharing

Whether it be for environmental reasons or to reduce the impact of rising fuel costs, car sharing is getting more and more PR at the moment.

Zero Waste Scotland | 13 Jan 13

 I’ve just had an email about a car sharing scheme which sounds like a great idea –www.gocarshare.com/.  It’s similar to other car sharing websites in trying to match people up – but uses social networking as a means of doing it.  You may also want to trywww.liftshare.com.  Or there may be local carsharing schemes such as www.tripshareborders.com covering the Scottish Borders.  Whichever scheme you use, it’s a great way to;

  • Save money
  • Reduce the amount of cars on the road which reduces pollution and congestion
  • Is a great way of meeting people
  • Makes the journey seem to go quicker.
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