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European Week for Waste Reduction 2017

It’s that time of year again when organisations, businesses, schools and individuals from across Europe are encouraged to take action to reduce waste. 

This year the week is running from 1826 November and we want YOU to get involved!

As always, the Love Food Hate Waste team is focusing on food waste and this year we have a particular theme – FREEZING!

Did you know that Scots are throwing away around £490 million worth of food and drink each year due to it ‘not being used in time’? Much of this food could have been frozen and used at a later date.

This campaign is all about highlighting how freezing is a very effective way of minimising food waste while at the same time helping to tackle the stigma and uncertainty around frozen food.

Why is freezing important?

Almost all food can be frozen (with the exception of salad and some veg with a high water content, such as cucumber) either on their own or as part of a cooked dish which can be portioned up. Freezing acts as a 'pause button' on food, meaning you can store it for use just when you need it.

So, freezing:

  • Saves good food from ending up in landfill and creating dangerous greenhouse gases
  • Saves YOU money, if you freeze food for later rather than binning it
  • Saves stress. Imagine if you have a freezer full of well wrapped, labelled food that you can call on for a quick mid-week meal in minutes!

Why do we need to spread the word?

There are a lot of myths about freezing and food safety which prevents people from making full use of their freezer. Did you know that only one in ten people are very confident about which food can be frozen and which cannot (FSA 2016).

How can I get involved?

Engage with us on social media by liking our Facebook page.

Starting in early November, Love Food Hate Waste is running a Facebook campaign encouraging us all to find out ‘what kind of freezer are you?’

They’ll be running a competition where you can show off your freezing knowhow! 

Even if you just share our posts, or videos below (remember to tag @lovefoodhatewastescotland), you’ll be helping to spread the freezing message.

Hold a workshop

If you work in your local community, why not run a short (about an hour) workshop on the benefits of freezing? Our slides, activity and snap cards game will make it a fun and interactive way to learn.

Run an information stand

If you work in the Waste or Environmental Health team at a local authority, or if you are involved with Healthy Working Lives or are in a Green Team, you could run a stand for colleagues. Use snap cards to help engage them, and give them a copy of the leaflet to read at their leisure.

Display the slides

Does your organisation have information monitors in a public place? Why not display one or more of our PowerPoint slides, telling people the benefits of freezing?

How can Zero Waste Scotland help?

The Love Food Hate Waste team has created a range of resources that you can use to encourage staff, customers, colleagues, friends and family to use their freezers more, including:

  • A leaflet full of really helpful advice for freezing and defrosting
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Freezer thermometers that help to ensure that your freezer is at the correct temperature
  • A snap card game ‘Freeze or No Freeze’
  • ‘The Freezer is your friend’ activity
  • A Facebook ‘Freeze Frame’ filter (available on Facebook)
  • Two videos on freezing that you can share on social media:

Where do I get materials?

You can get access to the materials by completing our registration form.  

Further information

If you want more information about European Week for Waste Reduction, or want to register an action with the chance of being nominated for an award at a prestigious ceremony: http://www.ewwr.eu/en

Food Standards Scotland: http://www.foodstandards.gov.scot/consumers/food-safety/at-home

Find out more about how you can save money and throw out less food at Love Food Hate Waste Scotland or via our Facebook page

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