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Carbon Metric 2013 Update

The report show Scotland has achieved a 17 per cent carbon reduction in two years

In 2013, the carbon impact of waste in Scotland was 10.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (10.8 Mt CO2e), down from 13.1 Mt CO2e in 2011, when measurements started.

 The figures show that by recycling more, we are benefiting the environment and have reduced the carbon impact of waste by almost 2.3 Mt or 17.5% since 2011, and by 0.5 Mt or 5% since 2012.

What is the carbon metric?

The Carbon Metric, developed by Zero Waste Scotland, takes into account all the greenhouse gas emissions associated with waste, from the energy and raw materials that went into producing items, through to the impact of transporting materials in order for them to be recycled.

Find out more about the carbon metric.

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