• LAC-100- Waste and Recycling Capacity Change Messaging and Communications Material

    25 Jul 2014

    Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS) wishes to support Scottish Local Authorities in the provision of waste and recycling collection services to help deliver the aims of the Scottish Government’s Zero Waste Plan and help authorities meet their obligation under the Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012.

  • RAR005-001. Circular Economy Evidence Building Programme Remanufacturing Study.

    28 Jul 2014

    In September 2013, an Evidence Gathering Programme was established to understand how a more circular economy could operate in Scotland. The Steering Group for the Programme comprises members from Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise, SEPA, ZWS & HIE.

  • SUP003-005 Energy Audits: NHSScotland Non-Acute Sites

    18 Aug 2014

    The objective of this work is to undertake energy audits (and water audits at two laundry sites), to target the worst performing non-acute sites and services within the NHSS estate and determine the opportunities and associated costs in improving energy performance (and water use reduction in the case of laundries).

  • SUP003-400 Call-off Support: Carbon Management

    20 Aug 2014

    The contract will provide a rapid and flexible support service on a range of carbon management activities across the public sector with the aim of ensuring that these organisations have an up-to-date carbon management plan which will aid them to make significant reductions in their carbon emissions.