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Funding a flat glass recovery network and supporting innovations for Scotland

We are inviting grant applications from £50,000 to £1,000,000 to contribute to our overall vision of developing a flat glass recovery network for Scotland.

This will include both the collection and closed loop recycling of flat glass, predominantly from the construction and demolition sectors, as part of the wider £18 million Circular Economy Investment Fund.

Flat glass is seldom recycled into an equivalent value product, despite being a highly valuable material in construction and demolition waste streams. The Scottish glass industry manufactures 400,000 tonnes of glass each year, the majority using virgin materials. A flat glass recovery network for Scotland would be a cost-effective solution for industry, allowing high quality recycled flat glass (cullet) to be used as part of the glass manufacturing process, instead of being crushed up as aggregate with other construction materials.

Harnessing the value of recycled flat glass would improve the industry’s bottom line, as it’s a less energy intensive process using less virgin materials and less waste going to landfill. A Dutch recovery network is already demonstrating the benefits, in that 90% of this flat glass could be recovered.

Types of project eligible for funding:

• The setting up of a Scotland wide flat glass recovery network (or networks) that collects waste flat glass from construction processes and from demolition.
• Flat glass collection and recycling trials in individual cities or companies.
• Demonstration of innovative technologies or practices that can significantly improve the business case for collecting and recycling flat glass e.g. by making it easier, quicker or more economically viable.

We invite proposals from:

We welcome applications from small and medium sized businesses or third sector organisations across all sectors in Scotland. Applications from a consortium of organisations are also welcomed.

Within the outline of your proposal, we wish to see how you propose to set up the infrastructure required to operate the scheme, and how this will be managed. We also wish to understand the timeframes around the set-up of the system of collection and recovery. 

Find out more:

Attend our forthcoming event in conjunction with British Glass and the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre on Tuesday 24th October to:
• Hear from Vlakglas, a Dutch foundation who currently run a successful network in the Netherlands,
• Understand and share knowledge on how a Flat Glass Recovery Network could operate,
• Network with industry peers and potential project partners during the sessions and over lunch, 
• Attend facilitated workshops around development of potential solutions.

How to apply for funding:

Please contact Stephen Boyle in the first instance for an outline project proposal form at stephen.boyle@zerowastescotland.org.uk
The deadline for submitting outline project proposals is 28th November 2017.




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