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Reducing food waste

We’re working to reduce food waste, supporting the Scottish Government’s target of reducing food waste by 33% by 2025.

Producing food consumes massive amounts of the world’s water, energy and land resources. It contributes significantly to carbon emissions. When we waste food, we’re squandering these vital and limited resources, and contributing to climate change. Yet, in Scotland alone we’re wasting around 1.35 million tonnes of food and drink every year.

Cutting food waste is one of the most effective actions we can take to cut carbon emissions and tackle climate change. It can save us all money and help us tackle food poverty.

Supporting food & drink SMEs

Our Resource Efficient Scotland Advice and Support Service offers free one-to-one consultancy to small and medium sized enterprises to save energy and waste. It can help identify opportunities for preventing food waste and reducing costs, and offers support for implementing new equipment, systems and processes. Visit Resource Efficient Scotland to find out more.

Reducing food waste at home

Around half of all food waste in Scotland comes from householders. Bread, fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and fish – they’re all tossed into the bin or recycling caddy in alarmingly high numbers.

The Love Food Hate Waste Scotland website provides tips and advice, and a range of tools and apps, to help you waste less food and save money.

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