Sustainable Clothing Action Plan

Working with leading clothing sector companies to improve the sustainability of clothing across its lifecycle. 

The sustainable clothing action plan (SCAP) is led by WRAP. SCAP’s ambition is to improve the sustainability of clothing across its lifecycle. By bringing together industry, government and the third sector we aim to reduce resource use and secure recognition for corporate performance by developing sector-wide targets.

To help achieve the aims of SCAP it is overseen by a steering group, which is made up of major retailers, brands, recyclers, sector bodies, NGOs and charities. There are also four working groups design, re-use & recycling, influencing consumer behaviours and metrics.

Leading clothing sector companies have pledged to measure and reduce their environmental footprints and signed up to the SCAP 2020 Commitment (Link to SCAP 2020 Commitment page on WRAP website).

How is Zero Waste Scotland involved?

We work with WRAP on the SCAP programme:

  • We support the delivery of the SCAP programme within the Scottish textile sector. This includes Supporting Scottish companies and supporter members achieve their targets
  • Providing training
  • Host events provide updates on what SCAP UK is doing and are responsible for working with the textile industry in Scotland to deliver the programme.

Why is it important?

Each stage of the clothing life cycle has a significant resource impact.  The total amount of CO2e emissions a year generated by the clothing of the average household – calculated as the amount of emissions resulting from processes over the whole life of clothing, from fibre production to final disposal of a worn-out garment – is equivalent to the carbon emissions from driving an average modern car 6,000 miles.

An estimated £140 million worth (350,000 tonnes) of used clothing goes to landfill in the UK every year; that means at the end of the product life-cycle over 30% of clothing goes to landfill.

Next steps

If you’re a Scottish retailer or designer and are interested in finding out more about SCAP please contact Lynn Wilson, Key Accounts Manager (Textiles) -

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