Programme Delivery Plan - 2015-18

Inspiring change for Scotland’s resource economy.

Our programme plan outlines our strategic goals to 2018. We have identified five thematic areas to focus our activities over the next three years. Collectively, the activities described here will deliver cost, carbon and primary resource savings as well as supporting job creation, economic growth and a broad range of social and community benefits.

Our programme builds on a successful track record. During the lifetime of our previous programme (2012 to 2015) we:

  • Transformed attitudes to food waste, supporting the emerging anaerobic digestion industry and partnering with Scottish local authorities to deliver food waste recycling services to over 1.3 million households.
  • Developed and launched the Resource Efficient Scotland programme to drive implementation of energy, water and material efficiency measures by organisations, through a new ‘one stop’ service and a priority sector programme. The programme identified lifetime savings of more than £49 million in its first year of operation and a lifetime reduction of over 300,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.
  • Supported the successful introduction of game changing regulations and legislation including the Waste (Scotland) Regulations, the Scottish Landfill Tax and the Carrier Bag Charge (Scotland).
  • Developed, in collaboration with the third sector, ‘Revolve’, Scotland’s first quality standard for re-use organisations helping to improve re-use services and consumer confidence in re-used goods.
  • Assisted the ongoing professionalisation of the resource management sector, developing a quality standard for resource collections and investing in training and skills development, including establishing Scotland’s first Higher National Certificate (HNC) for resource management.
  • Delivered a major research programme which revealed for the first time the direct and indirect costs of litter and flytipping and helped to inform the Scottish Government’s Towards a Litter-free Scotland strategy.
  • Helped achieve a low to zero waste, resource efficient Commonwealth Games and Ryder Cup, working closely with their organising functions.
  • Joined forces with public sector partners to help bring about a step change in low carbon heat through the Heat Network Partnership.
  • Contributed to a programme of evidence and engagement with Scottish Enterprise and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) to inform the future development of a circular economy.

Building on these achievements - which have only been possible through partnership and the collective action of individuals, businesses, local authorities and public sector agencies - is the key to our future planning.

We are therefore both excited and confident about the direction of travel outlined within our programme plan. What is, perhaps, most exciting is the mixture of approach evident here. We’ve deliberately ensured that our foundations are strong, safeguarding activities that will provide us with the gains to consolidate and build on progress towards Scotland’s ambitious recycling and waste prevention targets. But we’ve also given conscious thought to include actions with the potential to deliver transformative change – that radical rethinking of the way we do things which could be the next game-changer we need. Both strategies are equally important as we strive towards achieving our ambitious goals.

For the first time, our funding from the Scottish Government will be augmented by additional funding from European Structural and Investment Funds, to help expand and accelerate our work.


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