Zero Waste Scotland can offer financial support through the following ways:

Capital grants

There are currently no capital grants available.  Please check back here regularly for updates.


Under eQuip, Zero Waste Scotland will guarantee the future value of the equipment you want to lease, which has the effect of reducing your regular payments. The value of the eQuip guarantee will relate to the expected market conditions for disposing of the specified equipment at the end of the agreed lease period. Terms are negotiable and can be tailored to meet the expected cash flow of your business. Unlike overdraft facilities, lease facilities are not generally repayable on demand or subject to annual reviews.

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Raising finance

Increasing numbers of investors are considering the opportunities presented by the recycling industry.

However, raising external finance still presents a major challenge for many companies in the recycling sector.

Zero Waste Scotland can work with you to:

  • assess the different types of finance available and identify which would best suit your needs;
  • help you assess how to meet the requirements of finance providers;
  • ensure your applications for finance are thought-out thoroughly and presented appropriately; and
  • introduce you to potential investors.