Convenience store resource efficiency grant

Planning a renovation of your shop?  We can help you save money and positively contribute to the environment. 

The available budget for the convenience store grant has now been committed, however we are happy to continue receiving applications at present, in case further funding becomes available in the future. If your application is deemed to be successful, you will be placed onto a reserve list. It should be noted that there is no guarantee of future funding for applicants on the reserve list.

Zero Waste Scotland has collaborated with the Scottish Grocers’ Federation to offer free, specialised support to convenience stores contemplating refurbishments or equipment upgrades through its Resource Efficient Scotland programme.

The new range of services includes free audits, interest-free loans and the Convenience Store Resource Efficiency Grant, which provides up to £5,000 of funding for upgrading your store to resource-efficient appliances and infrastructure.

The Convenience Store Resource Efficiency Grant aims to help shops overcome the financial barriers associated with making resource efficiency improvement above and beyond the typical renovation.

Who can apply?

The recipient of the grant must be a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) with fewer than 250 employees. Eligible convenience store retailers will be registered and operating in Scotland, with a sales area under 3,000 square feet (280 square metres). More information about who can apply for the grant is available here.

All funded equipment must be installed by the 30th September 2016.

The final deadline date for submission of applications is 30th June 2016.

What resource efficient upgrades are eligible for the grant?

The funding will cover 50 percent of the total value of the equipment installation, up to £5,000. Only the following technologies can be funded under the Convenience Store Resource Efficiency Grant:

  • Fridges with double glazed doors - Minimum standard – double glazed doors and Energy Technology List approved.
  • Retrofitted double glazed doors to existing fridges - Minimum standard - double glazed doors.
  • LED lighting - Minimum standard – LED bulbs certified under the CE and RoHS mark.
  • Lighting controls - Such as motion sensors, daylight adjustment sensors and timers.
  • Heat recovery equipment

To be eligible for the grant, your convenience store must receive a free audit from Resource Efficient Scotland, demonstrate a commitment to making low-cost environmental improvements, and be able to complete installation of all new technologies by 30th September 2016.

How to apply for funding

  1. Request a free resource efficiency audit. Resource Efficient Scotland will arrange an appointment with you to conduct a telephone survey that will determine appropriate steps to make your store more resource efficient. We will follow up with a report detailing our recommendations and what kinds of resource and cost savings you can expect.
  2. Review your report and obtain quotes. Armed with your recommendations report, you can now decide what actions you want to take to make your store more resource efficient. After you have made your informed decision, choose a contractor and get a quote for the work to be done.
  3. Apply for a Convenience Store Resource Efficiency Grant. If you are eligible, complete a grant application form and guidance document to help fund your project. We suggest you submit your application at least six weeks prior to the 30th September 2016 installation deadline. It can take up to 30 days for your application to be processed.
  4. Consider an interest-free SME business loan. An interest-free business loan for small and medium-sized enterprises of up to £100,000 is available if you need help funding the remaining 50 percent of the new equipment costs, or if the work you want to carry out isn’t eligible for the grant. Full details of the SME business loan are available at
  5. Install your energy-saving equipment. Once the grant or loan approval has been given, your new, resource-efficient equipment can be installed. Your grant or loan payment will be processed following installation.

Need more information?

Details about the Convenience Store Resource Efficiency Grant and the application process can be found in the Grant Guidance document and the resource efficiency support leaflet. If you have any queries relating to the grant, please contact Louisa Coursey at or 07816 224 186.

Other support resources

Resource Efficient Scotland has several tools available to help retailers and SMEs find cost savings and resource efficiencies.

  • The online Savings Finder provides a free, individualised report highlighting the energy, water and raw material cost saving you could make in your organisation. Your report also includes an action plan, detailing step-by-step actions to save you money with signposts to free tools, resources and funding.
  • The Green Retail App for small retailers provides a dedicated one-stop-shop for all business resource efficiency needs – water, energy or waste. It also offers videos, practical tools and links to wider support from Resource Efficient Scotland.
  • Have you signed up to the Carrier Bag Commitment? Scotland’s Carrier Bag Commitment is a voluntary agreement operated by Zero Waste Scotland, which asks retailers to report carrier bag sales and commit to donating money raised to good causes in Scotland. By signing up to the commitment, retailers can access communication materials and contribute to national reporting on carrier bag use.
  • Quick guides for small retailers offer resources for energy saving, managing and reducing waste, storing and handling goods, sustainable procurement, water efficiency, staff behaviour and legislation.
  • Resource Efficient Scotland offers free training workshops and lunch-time learning webinars to provide in-depth support for cost savings in your organisation. The wide range of training events are led by resource efficiency experts who give clear, practical advice on the actions your organisation can take immediately to enjoy cost savings and other resource efficiency benefits.
  • Take the Resource Efficiency Pledge and show your customers and industry that you are dedicated to socially responsible use of Scotland’s resources. The Pledge is a nationwide scheme backed by the Scottish Government, which aim to help Scottish businesses take action to use energy, water and raw materials more efficiently.
  • The Green Network for Businesses give you the opportunity to visit a green business in your area to see examples of how you can cut your energy, water, waste and raw material costs. Wherever you’re based, we can arrange for you to connect with a local network member.
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