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Carbon Metric – Policy and stakeholder tool

The policy guide gives an overview of the implications of the carbon metric for decision makers in Scotland. 

It explains:

  • Why it is important to measure the carbon impact of waste
  • The consumption based approach to measuring carbon
  • How the carbon impact of Scotland’s waste fits with our other measures of carbon emissions
  • How decision makers can use the carbon metric

Carbon metric calculator 

The carbon metric calculator can be used to measure the impact of your organisations waste.

You can use the results to show the total carbon impact of your waste, a waste carbon footprint and to track how much progress you make over time.

The results can also help you assess which materials you need to focus on to reduce your impact most effectively.

How to use the carbon metric calculator 

You can download the calculator by clicking on the link in the right hand column.

The calculator is a spreadsheet that includes information to help you use it. It includes several data entry formats which are designed to be used by different stakeholders including local authorities (and the wider public sector), the construction and demolition sector and businesses. Other types of organisations can also use the tool.

To estimate the carbon impact of your organisations waste you need to:

  • Enter data on the amount of waste produced (by weight)
  • Enter data on how the waste in managed

If you do not have access to some of the information you can use default settings. However the more information you provide the more accurate your results will be.

The carbon impact of recycling and transport

Many people ask about the way carbon impacts from transport are included in the Carbon Metric. We have created a one page guide to explain this and why, even if recycling has higher transport impacts, it is still usually the most environmentally friendly option. 

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