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Carbon metric - archive

A record of the original Carbon Metric documents.

The original version for the Carbon Metric (known as Phase One) was published in 2011. A list of the old carbon factors, reports and peer review are held here for reference. The differences between the Phase One of the Carbon Metric and Phase Two, published in 2013, are summarised in the table below.

Summary of differences between the original (2011) and updated (2013) versions of the Scottish Carbon Metric.


Parameter Phase 1 Phase 2
Scope of Green House Gas emmissions measured Consumption based Consumption based
Waste data used WasteDataFlow Scottish returns for Waste Statistics Regulations
Scope of waste materials covered Household waste materials only Household, Commercial & Industrial and Construction& Demolition waste materials are all covered (although gaps for some material types remain)
Scope of waste management options covered        Recycling, incineration and landfill impacts Prevention (including reuse), recycling, incineration and landfill impacts
Geographical scale of results Regional - local authority focus National level focus
Link to Scottish waste policies    Action in the Zero Waste Plan Action in the Zero Waste Plan and used to measure progress of Waste (Scotland) Regulations and Safeguarding Scotland’s Resources
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