Building the Zero Waste Scotland House - a housing model based on principles of resource efficiency

Zero Waste Scotland is committed to supporting the construction industry to increase resource efficiency and reduce waste.  Pushing existing boundaries and supporting new innovations is one of the ways we aim to help you make a difference. 

File 9853The Zero Waste Scotland House (now referred to as the Resource Efficient House) is an exciting development project which will see us work with a house-builder, developer, or consortium of industry specialists to design and build a new highly innovative yet affordable housing model. 

Showcasing principles of resource efficiency, the exemplar house will be built on a development plot funded by Zero Waste Scotland at the BRE Innovation Park .

Set to officially open in September, the BRE Innovation Park aims to showcase the future of Scottish housing on a site of the former Ravenscraig Steelworks in Lanarkshire.

File 8553

Zero Waste Scotland is currently seeking a development partner to take forward this exciting opportunity, which could see them position themselves as market leaders in Scotland’s future housing developments. 

Following construction, the House will be showcased as part of the Park for at least two years, including having the winning design showcased in the Lighthouse in Glasgow.  At the end of the period, the development partner will also be required to deconstruct the house and ensure that the materials are re-used or recycled where possible.

Applications are available to download from here.  (Closing date: 8 Oct 2012).

For more information about the project, including further information on the requirements for successful applicants, read our latest press releases which can be viewed on the right-hand side.